Characterization of Platelet Concentrates Using Dynamic Light Scattering

Background: Each year, millions of platelet transfusions save the lives of cancer patients and patients with bleeding complications. However, between 10 and 30% of all platelet transfusions are clinically ineffective as measured by corrected count increments, but no test is currently used to identify and avoid these transfusions. ThromboLUX® is the first platelet test intended to routinely characterize platelet concentrates prior to transfusion.

Methods: ThromboLUX is a non-invasive, optical test utilizing dynamic light scattering to characterize a platelet sample by the relative quantity of platelets, microparticles, and other particles present in the sample. ThromboLUX also determines the response of platelets to temperature changes. From this information the ThromboLUX score is calculated. Increasing scores indicate increasing numbers of discoid platelets and fewer microparticles. ThromboLUX uses calibrated polystyrene beads as a quality control standard, and accurately measures the size of the beads at multiple temperatures.

Results: Results from apheresis concentrates showed that ThromboLUX can determine the microparticle content in unmodified samples of platelet concentrates which correlates well with the enumeration by flow cytometry. ThromboLUX detection of microparticles and microaggregates was confirmed by microscopy.

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