Clinical Data Analyst

February, 2019


LightIntegra Technology (LIT) developed ThromboLUX to determine the activation status of platelets in transfusions and other blood components. LightIntegra’s vision is to transform the worldwide use of a precious resource, platelets, by working together to empower decisions for the best use of platelets. ThromboLUX is a medical device that uses dynamic light scattering to analyse samples. ThromboLUX automatically saves sample characteristics and results that can be downloaded and handled in Excel. ThromboLUX implementation in several US hospitals demonstrated improved patient outcomes and safety while lowering health care costs. Clinical data analysis is a critical yet complicated component of proving the value of ThromboLUX to hospitals and accomplishing our mission to empower decisions for the best use of platelets.

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We are looking for a Clinical Data Analyst to combine data sets, analyse and report on ThromboLUX and clinical results, joining our enthusiastic team with a mission to empower decisions for the best use of platelets.


  • Developing and implementing data analysis tools, data collection systems, and other strategies that optimize statistical efficiency and quality

  • Acquiring data from primary or secondary data sources and maintaining databases

  • Analyzing data using statistical techniques, and interpreting and reporting on results with appropriate visual aids

  • Gaining and maintaining expert scientific and clinical knowledge relevant to platelets, transfusion medicine, dynamic light scattering and ThromboLUX

  • Contributing to the planning and review of LIT-sponsored and Investigator-sponsored studies

  • Understanding clinical testing standards in development of data analysis tools and reports

  • Preparing technical and product presentations for scientific and lay audiences summarizing and interpreting the results of the data analysis

  • Liaising with technical, marketing and sales teams to assist in the development and implementation of scientific marketing and sales tools

  • Educating internal LIT staff

  • Willing to travel as needed to support sales at customer sites, trade shows, and scientific conferences where specific clinical data know-how is required


  • Bachelor's or higher degree preferably in a quantitative discipline such as Mathematics, Computer Science, or Statistics

  • Documented experience in clinical data analysis and presentation (writing reports, abstracts, white papers and research papers)

  • Sufficient experience with querying and programming languages (SQL, Python, R), visualization tools, version control, and methodologies for reproducible analysis.

  • Excellent communication skills, verbal and written

  • Focused, able to work with minimal supervision

  • A dynamic team player, open to feedback

  • Reliable and conscientious


The candidate works on site at LightIntegra’s Vancouver office and reports to the Chief Technology Officer. Offsite work hours may be arranged with the supervisor.


Please email your resume and cover letter to Please include this job title and where you saw this job advertised in the subject line. This posting will be open for applications until February 28th.