Until now, no other method to quickly pre-screen donors or patients for microparticle content, or evaluate the composition of platelet products existed1,2. Traditional methods to evaluate platelet concentrates and detect microparticles are not used routinely, because they are complex, time consuming, require reagents, necessitate sample manipulations, and are difficult to standardize between laboratories.

ThromboLUX gives blood banks a simple and effective way to detect microparticle content and select the right blood product for the best possible outcome in their transfusion patients. When used to manage platelet inventory, ThromboLUX may reduce platelet utilization, transfusion-associated costs, and provide blood banks with quality reassurance.

ThromboLUX is a non-invasive, easy-to-use optical test requiring only 100 μL of sample, without the need for standards, dilution, or the addition of reagents. It relies on the principle of dynamic light scattering to determine the size and distribution of all particles in a platelet sample, and evaluate their response to temperature stress.

ThromboLUX is ideal for determining microparticle content in samples derived from patient or donor blood and platelet concentrates.

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