Failed platelet transfusions are a major issue in healthcare, critically impacting the care of blood cancer patients, and wasting $1.6 billion annually in the US.  LightIntegra knows how painful failed transfusions are for physicians, the blood bank, and most importantly, the patients.  Understanding this struggle is what gave birth to ThromboLUX, the first analyzer to provide a routine test for platelet activation status.  LightIntegra strives to give patients the best possible chance for platelet transfusion success by ensuring all hematology-oncology patients receive non-activated platelets.

ThromboLUX is a non-invasive, five-minute, easy-to-use optical test, without the need for dilution or the addition of reagents.  It relies on the principle of dynamic light scattering to determine the size and distribution of all particles in a platelet sample.


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