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Meet the Researcher: Dr. Elisabeth Maurer

July 31, 2018. This week, we chat with Canadian Blood Services’ adjunct scientist, Dr. Elisabeth Maurer, about her work to understand blood platelets for transfusion, the technology she has developed to help determine “what’s in the bag”, and what inspires her to keep researching these small but dynamic cell fragments that are so critical to bleeding, clotting, and the immune system.


Shining a light on platelet quality

September 21, 2016. Meet Dr. Elisabeth Maurer: she uses lasers to measure quality of platelets. Dr. Elisabeth Maurer’s years of research on platelet function led to a discovery about the temperature response of platelets. This discovery — coupled with advances in laser and optics technology — is being developed as a safe, quick and simple diagnostic test for microparticles in platelet units.