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Vancouver’s LightIntegra raises US$5.3M for blood analyzer tech | Business In Vancouver

April 25, 2019. What happened: Tech firm raises US$5.3M in Series A funding round. Why it matters: Once commercialized, LightIntegra Technology’s blood analyzer could help reduce healthcare costs and assist patients with cancer treatment.

“It’s well known that platelet transfusions impact the care of cancer patients; however, it may not be known that success depends on the activation status of platelets. Since 32% of platelet transfusions fail, implementing a solution to determine activation status is imperative,” LIT president and CEO William Dubiel said in a statement.

LightIntegra Raises $5.3 Million USD in Series A Funding to Introduce ThromboLUX Test for Blood Platelet Activation Status to US Market | Business Wire

April 24, 2019. LightIntegra Technology (LIT), developer of the first 5-minute test for platelet activation status, announced that it has received $5.3 million USD in Series A funding to bring its test to the US market. The investment was led by Genome BC and Boardwalk Ventures Inc. and includes funding from Tower Beach Capital Ltd., Coleco Investments, and Quimby Investments (VCC) Ltd.


LightIntegra Board Names Bill Dubiel as President & CEO

March 27, 2017. LightIntegra Technology Inc. today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed William "Bill" Dubiel as President and Chief Executive Officer effective March 13, 2017. Mr. Dubiel was also elected to the Board of Directors of LightIntegra. Paul Geyer will continue to serve as the Executive Chairman of LightIntegra.

"This is the perfect time for Bill to become LightIntegra's next President and Chief Executive Officer. We've selected a very strong leader at a time when LightIntegra is ready to take the leap to commercialize the ThromboLUX product," said LightIntegra's Executive Chairman and departing CEO Paul Geyer.