ThromboLUX Overview

ThromboLUX® uses the principle of dynamic light scattering (DLS) to determine the size and distribution of particles that are in a platelet sample.

To operate ThromboLUX, the user first prepares a sample in a single use capillary by following the instructions for use supplied with the Test Kit. The capillary is sealed and inserted into the Console. ThromboLUX displays step-by-step instructions on the LCD screen to guide the user through the sample identification process and start the test.

During the 20 minute test ThromboLUX performs measurements at 37°C, then 20°C, then again at 37°C. ThromboLUX uses a proprietary algorithm to calculate and analyze the size distribution at each test temperature. The following parameters are displayed on the screen:

  • Photon rate which corresponds to the overall particle concentration in the suspension
  • Mean particle size for each population
  • Gated microparticle size and intensity
  • Gated platelet size and intensity
  • MP factor which can be used to calculate an approximate microparticle concentration
  • The ThromboLUX Score which ranges from 0 to 40

Platelet concentrates with a high score are homogeneous and contain mostly discoid, functional platelets, whereas concentrates with a low score have a heterogeneous composition usually with a high microparticle content.