About Us

LightIntegra began in the Canadian Blood Services R&D labs through the efforts of research scientist Dr. Elisabeth Maurer. Her years of research on platelet functions led to a breakthrough discovery about platelet microparticles. Dr. Maurer recognized the opportunity to use this discovery — coupled with advances in laser and optics technology — to address a market need to provide a safe, quick and simple test for microparticles, platelet quality and function. LightIntegra was incorporated in November 2008, which launched the  commercialization the ThromboLUX® technology.

Our Leadership Team

Bill Dubiel   President & CEO

Bill Dubiel

President & CEO

Elisabeth Maurer   CTO & Founder

Elisabeth Maurer

CTO & Founder

Gyasi Bourne   VP, Manufacturing & Engineering

Gyasi Bourne

VP, Manufacturing & Engineering

Sue Werner   VP, Finance & HR

Sue Werner

VP, Finance & HR

Alan Jernigan   VP, Marketing

Alan Jernigan

VP, Marketing

Audrey Labrie   Scientific Affairs

Audrey Labrie

Scientific Affairs