About Us

LightIntegra Technology empowers blood banks with the information needed to provide the best care possible. Our flagship product, ThromboLUX, gives blood banks a simple and effective way to detect microparticle content and select the right blood product for the best possible outcome in their transfusion patients. When used to manage platelet inventory, ThromboLUX may reduce platelet refractoriness, transfusion-associated costs, and provide blood banks with quality reassurance.

Our Leadership Team

Bill Dubiel   President & CEO

Bill Dubiel

President & CEO

Dallas Pretty   CFO

Dallas Pretty


Gyasi Bourne   VP, Manufacturing & Engineering

Gyasi Bourne

VP, Manufacturing & Engineering

Alan Jernigan   VP, Marketing

Alan Jernigan

VP, Marketing

Audrey Labrie   Scientific Affairs

Audrey Labrie

Scientific Affairs